Monday, November 3, 2014

Voodoo Offroad Recovery Ropes in Action!

It's not easy making a great product that you know people can use, but it's always rewarding when you see it in action and you know it's the best it can be.

Check out our Recovery Ropes.

Made in the USA.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Voodoo Offroad - We're Everywhere!

We get a ton of responses on our Facebook page, especially after an Offroad Event- and we'd like to share some of the love we get when someone receives one of our products.  Be sure to look us up at your local Jeep Event as we are visiting folks all across the nation, and spreading the magic that is Voodoo Offroad! 

Monday, September 29, 2014

O'Reilly Fall 4Wheel Jamboree Nationals!

Just got back from the O'Reilly Fall 4Wheel Jamboree Nationals at the Indiana State Fairgrounds!

Great time was had by all and we just wanted to say"thanks for stopping by" to everyone who stopped by the booth, shook our hands and bought a hat, shirt, or recovery rope.  We appreciate your support as we work our magic in the marketplace.

We'll see you soon at another Offroad Event!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Voodoo's Recovery Rope Bag!

If you head over to our Voodoo Recovery Ropes page on the website,  you'll see an often neglected purchase for your recovery rope kit. Namely, the bag to put it in.

That's why we include the rope bag in your 7/8" (20' and 30') recovery rope purchases.  We also offer the recovery rope bag as a separate sales item because we know you're going to want one.  It has a nylon mesh top, as well as a zippered front panel for storing small items.

It's the perfect bag for the off-roading type who wants to get away from the vehicle.  Perfect for the beach, the trail, or just around town when you have to grab stuff and carry it with you.  It's easy to wash, and it's built tough to withstand anything you throw at it.

Be sure to check out this, and all of our other cool products at our website.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Voodoo Offroad Clothing!

Our clothing is some of the fastest selling items in our inventory and when we attend Jeep Events. Everyone wants a bit of that Voodoo Offroad magic to wear!

 We'll be attending more and more Jeep events around the country, and we'll be running show specials that you can get some of our cool clothing at a bargain (so check our Facebook page for info on where we'll be!).  In the meantime, we wanted to show you just some of the cool stuff for men and ladies to be had on our website:

This is the VooDoo Mini Skulls Ball Cap - the perfect cap for hitting the mud! Skull Logo on the front and side with mini-skulls peppered throughout.

Here's the Ladies Fitted Voodoo Tank Top and the Men's Logo Shirt, both in black.

And this is the ultra-wicked Unisex Pullover Hoodie with the skull on front and Logo on the back.

Again, you can find all of the Voodoo Offroad Clothing here on our website.

See you offroad!

Friday, August 29, 2014


As seen on the Motor Trend Channel on Youtube, the CHEAP TRUCK CHALLENGE is  part of the extreme DIRT EVERYDAY program.  Basically, you get a cheap truck and put it through it's paces out in the great offroad - Our Kind of Video Programming!  That's why we decided to sponsor it!

Here's the product branding segment of the show where host FRED WILLIAMS decorates his truck with a little Voodoo magic to cover up a weld.

[Yeah, it's that kind of a show] 

Other trucks in the show decided they had to get in on the Voodoo action, and all three trucks were soon sporting Voodoo Green everywhere that wasn't already covered in mud and rust...

Then they headed off into the Reno, NV desert to see how hard they could go before parts just started falling off!  Hill climbs,  Rock climbs,  digging into the dirt... 
With such great production value,  like rusty trucks, scavenged parts, and lots of sweat out in the middle of nowhere --  there were bound to be a few hiccups along the trail. Needless to say, our Recovery Ropes came in very handy.

Check out the show - it's a great tribute to offroading and just plain old having fun!  We like it,  and hope you'll tune in for more!

Friday, August 8, 2014

What is Voodoo Offroad Anyway?

We get asked that question - a lot.

We are the company that has a different, some would say "irreverent" look at the offroad industry.  We looked around and saw that there was a ton of merchandise out there that just didn't meet the standard we wanted to set:

We wanted to make stuff that could stand up to the stunts you wouldn't dare pull if you had some other manufacturer's products in your vehicle.  We wanted to out perform, and out reach the competition in an outrageous manner.

And by all accounts, we're doing it. You are responding...

Every.  Day. 

Whether it's on our Instagram...

Or on our Facebook page...

Or on our website...

You guys are letting us know what it is that makes Voodoo Offroad special.

So when  we're at an event and someone walks up and asks, "What is Voodoo Offroad Anyway?" It's real easy to answer.

Voodoo Offroad is you.  Every day and every way.  We make better products because we know it's what you need.  We visit as many shows as we can, because we want to shake your hands, and find out what you want.  Heck, we even start this blog to let you know what's go on and what you can look forward to.