Friday, August 8, 2014

What is Voodoo Offroad Anyway?

We get asked that question - a lot.

We are the company that has a different, some would say "irreverent" look at the offroad industry.  We looked around and saw that there was a ton of merchandise out there that just didn't meet the standard we wanted to set:

We wanted to make stuff that could stand up to the stunts you wouldn't dare pull if you had some other manufacturer's products in your vehicle.  We wanted to out perform, and out reach the competition in an outrageous manner.

And by all accounts, we're doing it. You are responding...

Every.  Day. 

Whether it's on our Instagram...

Or on our Facebook page...

Or on our website...

You guys are letting us know what it is that makes Voodoo Offroad special.

So when  we're at an event and someone walks up and asks, "What is Voodoo Offroad Anyway?" It's real easy to answer.

Voodoo Offroad is you.  Every day and every way.  We make better products because we know it's what you need.  We visit as many shows as we can, because we want to shake your hands, and find out what you want.  Heck, we even start this blog to let you know what's go on and what you can look forward to.


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